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Liberty Tabernacle is a nondenominational Church that was established to be a lighthouse of salvation. Our Mission is that every member will carry out the Great Commission and become "fishers of people." Therefore we offer a varierty of ministries to serve both our congregation and the community.  

         Pinky Promise


Pinky Promise is women's support group that promotes honoring God with your life & body whether single or married. These women meet every second and fourth MONDAY at 7PM. This group was founded as a chapter of the national Pinky Promise Organization and is dedicated to connecting, uplifting and guiding women.

Teen Talk

Teen Talk is the youth Ministry that meets every second FRIDAY at 8PM. We provide activities, discussion and support to empower our young adults through education, fun and prayer.

A Time For Encouragement 
(Battered Women Shelter

A Time for Encouragement is an initiative formed to  create a calm environment free from distraction that generates peace, expresses

love and provide encouragement!

Virtuous Jewels


The Virtuous Jewels is a group formed to encourage young girls

ages 8-16 to see their worth in Christ while instilling in them Godly principles. This Ministry meets every second SUNDAY between services at 5PM.

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