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Liberty Tabernacle (LT) was born out of the vision received by Pastor Phillip Risby.  Liberty Tabernacle was incorporated on the 26th day of December 1991 in Akron, Ohio.  The first service was held in a little brick building on Copley Road on the 3rd day of May in 1992.  Seven adults and 10 children attended that service.      


Several months into the ministry problems arose and the church was unable to make an equitable agreement with the property owner.  Consequently, services were moved to Pastor’s home at 1870 Gaylord Ave., Akron, Ohio.  Thank God for a first lady who embraced the vision of her husband and opened the doors of her home without complaint.


The church began to grow and cars lined the street up and down Gaylord Ave.  By 1993 the congregation had outgrown Pastor’s home.  The search for a building ensued and God blessed us with a little brick building located at 555 Corice St. Akron, Ohio.  The first service in that building was held on the 1rst of May, 1994.  Boy, did we rock the house in that place.  Many services were standing room only.


As the congregation grew it became evident that we would have to move again.  We viewed building after building.  All the while Pastor, who is a carpenter by trade, began to be blessed with donations of doors, sinks, bathroom partitions etc, from various sources.  Pastor began to realize that maybe, just maybe the Lord was trying to tell him something.  He shared a new vision of

building God a house and the members grabbed hold it.  As with any endeavor, there were those who were opposed, but pastor was determined and had the fortitude to go forth. 


In the year of 2003 God blessed Liberty Tabernacle with over 3 acres of land located at 475 Frank Ave. in Barberton, Ohio.  The ground breaking ceremony was held on the 26th day of April, 2005, with construction beginning in early 2006. 


For four LONG years, Pastor and the congregation of worked tirelessly to build God a house.  Pastor neglected his own home and many of the members came straight from their jobs to work on the building.  Women hauled trees, hung drywall, installed insulation, put stone on the church front and did whatever they could, right alongside the men.  Some worked and some cooked, so the work could go on.


Approximately 75% of the work was done by Pastor and the congregation.  Despite the many challenges that had to be overcome, on the 25th day of April, 2009, we had our opening ceremony in the beautiful edifice where you now sit.


Some have come and some have gone, yet God continues to give the increase.  Multiple ministries have been birthed in this place.  On the 27th day of March, 2011 our Liberty Kids Mansion ministry was birthed.  Pastor was tickled pink at not having to preach over screaming babies.  Many other ministries were birthed including Pinky Promise, our womens’ support ministry, TeenTalk our youth ministry and more recently our Adopt a School ministry that provides tutoring, mentorship and support to teachers and inner city students in the Imagine School on Romig Road. 


Look where he brought us from.  We are grateful for all that God has blessed us to accomplish, but we’ve only just begun.  Pastor has bigger visions and there’s more work to be done.  Pastor readily admits the he couldn’t do the work without the help of his First Lady, sister Cynthia Risby who works tirelessly beside him.  Despite the obstacles Satan puts in our way, " IT IS WELL, IT IS WELL, IT IS WELL.”

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