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Voices of Liberty Tabernacle (VOLT)


VOLT incudes those members that make up the choir and support the music ministry at Liberty Tabernacle. Led by Bro. PJ Risby, VOLT perform contemporary Gospel and christian songs. Members interested in joining the music ministry should see Brother PJ Risby.

Church Maintenance


EVERY FRIDAY EVENING AND SATURDAY MORNING, the church maintenance group meets at the church to clean, landscape and prepare for sunday service. Members interested in joining should see Deacon Nance.

Usher Board

The Usher Board serves faithfully as doorkeepers and representatives of the Church. 

Members interested in joining should see Sister Michelle Risby.

Get Involved

Pastor in the Pulpit
First Lady in the Pulpit
Faith Development Programs
Church Security and Safety


The Church Security team is looking for members to serve as first responders in emergency situations. Members who assist with security and safety receive various professional trainings. Members interested in joining should see Brother Lacy.

Children's Church

The Church is currently seeking a member passionate about educating and working with children to revive children's church. Interested members  should see Pastor Risby.

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